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Agile Information Systems: Conceptualization, Construction, and Management
Agile Information Systems: Conceptualization, Construction, and Management
The book "Agile Information Systems" unveils how modern companies can create and deploy agile information systems. Academic experts, researchers, and practitioners discuss the concept of agile information systems, the importance of the context of agility, and organizational management issues in the context of agile information systems.

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HP to Buy EDS » The TEC Blog

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TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of July 16, 2012 » The TEC Blog

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This Time It s Microsoft and HP » The TEC Blog

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The Empires Strike Back - Part II: The Likes Of IBM, EDS, And CSC In E-Business
In the past year the traditional consulting houses have executed major initiatives to counter the challenges of the pure play and fringe market invaders. Being big doesn't mean being slow, as these Behemoths have demonstrated – once they tuned in to the new market realities.

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Engage Helps Advertisers Fish for Best Prospects
Engage announces a new service that lets advertisers target individual users.

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No Floundering About These Strategic And Tactical Acquisitions
Design and implementation service company Razorfish announced its acquisition of broadband and user experience firms.

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6 IT Resolutions You Can’t Afford NOT to Make for 2009 » The TEC Blog

EDS: CMMI, ISO, IT service management, quality, Real options management, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Digital Business Service Providers Series: Market Overview
Today’s Digital Business Service Provider (DBSP) market is a complex of interrelated services and provider capabilities. This article traces the history of the service providers, and explains how each arose at points when markets developed around particular core technologies. The historical evidence suggests something about future planning for new technologies and developments.


Should North Americans Send More Software Development Work to China?
This article discusses the risks and opportunities related to outsourcing software development to China. It concludes that China, as an outsourcing destination, has different risk exposures in comparison with India. However, going to China may also bring opportunities considering the pressure of further cost reduction that North Americans are facing and the booming domestic demands of the Chinese market.

EDS: outsourcing, China, India, embedded software, software development, software testing, International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, capability maturity model integration, CMMI, EDI, SAP, HP.

Who s Who? Sorting Out the e-Logistics PlayersPart 2: Traditional Solutions
Rather than leveling the playing field, traditional solutions, which are expensive, long-term oriented contract-based, have typically widened the gap between the Fortune 500 companies and everyone else.


Simplexis in the Schools???
In an attempt to save U.S. schools $10 billion by 2005, Simplexis.com has launched an online B2B marketplace for school purchasing.

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