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The Power of Knowledge -- Knowledge is Power (Part 2)
Part 1 of this blog series introduced the need for knowledge management (KM) software applications as part of a more comprehensive and strategic service

engine power source  single application. The retrieval engine has been provided by Kaidara in an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fashion. Assembling and maintaining a KM solution relies upon the service organization’s ability to manage relevant content and tag the content in a way that the target user base can find it when needed. In this regard, Servigistics has broken deployment of the system into the following four distinct steps, with appropriate products to address these specific areas: 1. Gathering History -- Mo Read More
Document Management System (DMS)
Document management systems (DMS) assist with the management, creation, workflow, and storage of documents within different departments. A DMS stores documents in a database and associates importan...
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Documents related to » engine power source

The Power of Knowledge -- Knowledge is Power (Part 1)
The title of this blog post might sound like a no-brainer: as clear and indisputable as the “motherhood and apple pie” adage. Yet how many times have you dealt

engine power source  a dynamic on-the-fly questioning engine rather than via hard-coded question trees. Not unlike the manner in which a doctor performs diagnostics on a sick patient, today’s service-oriented KM technology walks the user through a simple and interactive process to identify the source of the problem and find the right solution. These nifty systems can even incorporate images and sounds to visually and audibly assist the user in matching the problem to the most relevant solution. A service-oriented KM soluti Read More
The Necessity of Data Warehousing
An explanation of the origins of data warehousing and why it is a crucial technology that allows businesses to gain competitive advantage. Issues regarding

engine power source  data through its own engine on the way to the target, or can be a proxy and move the data directly from the source to the target. Selection of the business intelligence tool(s) requires decisions such as: Will multi-dimensional analysis be necessary, or does the organization need only generalized queries? Not all warehouse implementations require sophisticated analysis techniques such as data mining (statistical analysis to discover trends in the data), data visualization (graphical display of query res Read More
MicroStrategy Goes PRIME
It is fair to say that Microstrategy is, aside from being one of the most important providers of business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions on the

engine power source  MicroStrategy Launches In-Memory Analysis Engine ,” well-known BI analyst Cindi Howson gives additional information about some of the specifications for PRIME—impressive stats that should enable success within organizations looking for high performance data analysis resources:   MicroStrategy PRIME specifications  (Source: MicroStrategy Launches In-Memory Analysis Engine, InformationWeek)   For a vendor such as MicroStrategy, which often competes with other big software providers in the market such Read More
High Performance Organizations Are Driven by the Power of Enterprise Business Events

engine power source  30,000 feet about total engine failure without having the ability to open up a parachute and bail out! Architecture, Design and Technology Considerations This section outlines what we believe are some of the critical technology and design and architecture considerations. Information models : Information models defined, analyzed, and monitored within the BAM framework should allow pre- and post- deployment configuration and modification. It should allow for selective massaging of the incoming data so tha Read More
What’s Up with xTuple-and Open Source ERP?
You may be wondering how the open-source ERP vendor xTuple operating with a workforce of only 27 can compete on the same stage with the software giants. Find

engine power source  Up with xTuple-and Open Source ERP? While Virginia might have seen its share of controversy over the recent laws on women’s reproductive rights, the region’s business and entrepreneurial climate is undisputed owing to vibrant enterprise applications vendors. One such vendor is Deltek —long reported by TEC as the enterprise resource planning (ERP) leader in the government contracting sector (see the most recent post on the vendor ), while another is abas-USA , an innovative manufacturing ERP Read More
Biometrics for Global Web Authentication: An Open Source Java/J2EE-Based Approach
Recently, companies have been working on integrating biometric verification capabilities using open source single-sign-on techniques. The main idea behind this

engine power source   Read More
Customer Analytics: A Powerful Source of Competitive Advantage for Midsize Organizations
Completing the customer picture today involves collecting and assembling data from multiple sources, including traditional sources such as transactions and

engine power source   Read More
Sitefinity CMS Compared to Open-source Solutions
Choosing between an open-source content management system (CMS) and a commercial product can have a strategic impact on an organization. This white paper

engine power source  asp.net cms,cms template,web content management system,cms drupal,open source ecommerce,plone content management system,cms content management,cms design,open source document management,cms management system,cms systems,open source joomla,cms development,cms intranet,cms review Read More
The Advantages of Open Source ERP
Open source software’s development processes, and the new business models its developers adopt, provide a new way of resolving the problems of cost and quality

engine power source   Read More
Infor LN ERP Gets Open Source and Cloud Underpinnings
At the recent Red Hat Summit 2014, Infor announced a joint collaboration with Red Hat, a leading provider of open source solutions, and EnterpriseDB, a

engine power source  industry watch, foss, open source, red hat, jboss, postgres, infor, cloud erp, infor ln Read More
How You Can Unleash the Power of the Cloud
In Unleashing Cloud Performance, you'll learn about...

engine power source  You Can Unleash the Power of the Cloud How You Can Unleash the Power of the Cloud Analysts predict that by 2014 over one third of global enterprise IT budgets will be spent on cloud services. In short, the cloud is rapidly becoming a dominant force in IT projects. That's why understanding the realities of cloud computing—and how to optimize the cloud for your company's needs—has become a critical factor for success. In In Unleashing Cloud Performance , you'll learn about the definition of cloud Read More
TEC Talks to the Open For Business ProjectFree and Open Source Software Business ModelsPart One: OFBiz
In conversation with the Open For Business (OFBiz) project leader, David Jones, TEC discovers some of the challenges in raising an open source enterprise

engine power source  free open source,oepn source,open source development,open source framework,open source information,open source management,open source products,open source project,open source projects,open source software,open source software development,open source solutions,open source technology,open source tool,open sources Read More
Choosing an Open Source Vendor and Service Provider
As more companies begin to use open source, demand for direct support and services beyond the on-line community will grow. If you're looking for open source

engine power source  open source,vendors,providers,Free and open source,software,commercial entities,IT infrastructure,evaluation,service contract,product community Read More
Halo Rays: Data Aggregation for the Halo Source BI Engine

engine power source  the Halo Source BI Engine Read More

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