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What Are the Real Benefits of Vertical Integration in a Retail Supply Chain?
This year I was invited to SCOPE East, a peer led conference focusing on supply chain issues from strategic, tactical, and operational points of views. At this

one source tactical  marketing, or retailing. Every one of these processes is managed by the organization when a vertical strategy is used. It is critical for a retail business to have a vertically integrated strategy with competitive pricing. Vertical integration is not a new concept or strategy. Surely many companies are thinking about it from economical and competitive points, but in the presentation I attended few key benefits were discussed with reference to cost and customer service by Joe Shearn, VP of distribution at Read More

CRM for Financial and Insurance Markets
Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on the retention of customers by collecting data from all customer interactions with a company from all access points (by phone, mail, or Web, or&n...
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Better Performance Management for Service Companies
It’s been my experience in the business intelligence (BI) and business performance management (BPM) fields—and I’m sure it’s true in other software areas—that

one source tactical  in other software areas—that one of the most difficult tasks of all is to put theory into practice. Business theories are usually not set in stone and need to be adjusted to reality, or modified to suit specific cases. This is particularly difficult in the measurement of service performance because of the many considerations to be taken into account that involve both quantitative and qualitative criteria. While conducting research to help a customer with a performance management project, I came across a Read More
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Audio Conference
This is a transcript of an audio conference on Enterprise Resource Planning Systems presented by TechnologyEvaluation.Com. The presentation used the TEC

one source tactical  in conducting selections, where one can conduct a number of simulations by tailoring criteria, varying weights and/or factor ratings. There was the intent to give some very generic, high-level idea of vendors' standings though. Through our own research activities, client interviews and surveys, our ERP selection engagements, interactions with our counterparts and vendors, we have rated vendors at a high level across the critical ERP selection criteria. You will appreciate the fact that it is very difficul Read More
Creating Competitive Advantage in Growing and Mid-sized Businesses with Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) is not only an imperative for big companies. Growing and midsized organizations also require visibility into all aspects of the

one source tactical  a corporate computer, as one example, leads to the aged, out-of-date information that leads to faulty decisions. Data warehousing, as another example, replicates business data on separate databases, and by definition is not real-time. Business intelligence, to be useful, stems from data derived from the integration of all key business processes. Your business has many interconnected facets: accounting, sales, manufacturing, warehousing, purchasing, bill collecting, management of your staff, your customers Read More
Achieving a Successful Data Migration
The data migration phase can consume up to 40 percent of the budget for an application implementation or upgrade. Without separate metrics for migration, data

one source tactical  from the outset by one flawed assumption that migration is a one-time event that follows a sequential waterfall process of examining source data, examining the target, designing the transforms, and then building, testing, and executing the code. Because the source and target are never what they are expected to be, this sequential process leads to data problems being discovered late in the project, at which point they are very costly to fix and cause significant delays to the overall application project. S Read More
Choosing an Open Source Vendor and Service Provider
As more companies begin to use open source, demand for direct support and services beyond the on-line community will grow. If you're looking for open source

one source tactical  question and the previous one is straightforward—the more involved your service provider is with the product ecosystem, the better off you'll be. Does their style fit yours? Just as many of the open source software vendors are unpolished, so too are many open source service providers. Many of them were started by highly technical individuals who know the ins and outs of the product. They're fantastic at fixing a problem, but may not have the experience or temperament for many aspects of your project, Read More
Aras Open Source PLM--Will its Business Scale?
The ZDNet article on PLM/BPM vendor, Aras, covers reasons this former proprietary vendor decided to open source its Innovator products. Two points that stuck

one source tactical  got momentum going on one product, you scale the business by: Expanding your footprint (new products, product lines, solutions, etc.) Expanding your reach (channel business, partners, geographies, etc.) On the first bullet, as an open source solution, I'd expect Aras to have at least one advantage over a proprietary vendor in that it may be able to foster a greater breadth of development for the products through combined efforts of its community. And recall what I pointed out at the beginning of this Read More
Exact Software--Working Diligently Towards the
By determinedly executing a number of both prudent and bold initiatives, including some that encroach into the new frontiers of enterprise applications (such as

one source tactical  2002. This is Part One of a six-part note. Part Two continues the event summary. Parts Three, Four, and Five will discuss the market impact. Part Six will cover challenges and make user recommendations. e-SynergyThe BPM Solution With a broad rather than deep functional scope, which is difficult to be pigeonholed into a single enterprise software category, e-Synergy represents an enterprise relationship management solution that integrates the functionality of traditional front-office applications into one Read More
Ariba Goes Direct To (And From) The Source
Ariba will extend the capabilities of its B2B Commerce Platform by providing capabilities for buyers and sellers of direct and indirect materials to negotiate

one source tactical  happen, but contributions from one company's client base to the other's will not overwhelm the sales that each makes through its traditional channels. SupplierMarket's capability is a good one to have available through a large marketplace, but is more of a required feature than a daring innovation. Rival Commerce One announced a similar functionality in February, but details about the date of a release into general availability have not surfaced. Both of these companies, as well as some smaller but Read More
Secure Your Source Code
Are you on top of data security compliance? Is your source code secure? Are you looking for a new approach that can help ensure these things are taken care of

one source tactical  Your Source Code Are you on top of data security compliance? Is your source code secure? Are you looking for a new approach that can help ensure these things are taken care of? With SourceAnyware Hosted solution—which provides 128-bit SSL encryption—your data is protected and your source code is secured from attacks. Find out how SourceAnywhere can help you lower total cost of ownership and improve your development team productivity. Read More
Source Code Translation
Everyone who writes computer software eventually faces the requirement of converting a large code base from one programming language to another. But source

one source tactical  development system or from one computer, operating system, phone or gadget to another. Source code conversion is inherently a tedious, error-prone and labor intensive process. While there is no magic button to turn old code into new code, there are tools that can dramatically reduce the time and cost of a conversion project. While a development project includes testing and other activities, this discussion will focus on the code translation process. Project Plan The first step in any successful project Read More
Why Open Source is Important to You
There are two trends in open source adoption that make it imperative that you consider open source solutions for your future IT initiatives. This article

one source tactical  commercial entities also addresses one of the most important concerns of mainstream IT organizations: application support. Unlike the early adopters, these organizations prefer to draw upon outside expertise rather than try and employ it internally. With commercial entities offering paid support for their open source applications, mainstream organizations can rely on the product developers to help with application problems. Open Source Trends: The Bottom Line Open source software is no longer only used Read More
Champion Plastics Reduces Inventory by One-third and Scheduling Time by One-half; Moves into New Market
With a new account on the line, Champion Plastics, Inc., couldn’t afford any missteps, especially with its electronic data interchange (EDI), so it decided to

one source tactical  Plastics Reduces Inventory by One-third and Scheduling Time by One-half; Moves into New Market With a new account on the line, Champion Plastics, Inc., couldn’t afford any missteps, especially with its electronic data interchange (EDI), so it decided to shop for a new system. The company was not initially looking for a full enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, but its method of inventory control was a high hurdle. Find out why Champion Plastics opted for cloud ERP and how it improved operational Read More
Active Escrow: The Technical Verification of Software Source Code
The source code for mission-critical software products is almost never provided to users by the supplier. All the end-user has is a copy of the compiled source

one source tactical  is becoming an essential component of operational risk management. Read More

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